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15th July 2008

Profit seeking capitalism has started to commodify all values of humanity and nature including education and health systems, social insurance, transportation and natural resources in last thirty years.

With the acceleration of crisis, while all natural energy corridors -that the Middle East is in the first rank among them- are increasingly becoming the subjects of profit sharing plans in between imperialists; even the water itself as the most basic element for continuation of entire living organisms including human has been included the list of commodities.

We, as the signatories of this declaration announce to press and public that we agreed on following foreseeable troubles that commercialization of water will cause:

  1. Beside the corporations deal with bottled water and irrigation systems, also others operate in construction, energy, mining, food, chemistry, metal, agricultural products sectors and etc. have started to claim right over water resources with the great support of their domestic collaborators such as some municipalities and governments.
  2. Privatized distribution services of clean water have caused serious reactions and protests of the poor in many countries even from now. Also in our country water distribution networks in few cities have been privatized, fights on sharing the cake have come into the daylight that Edirne case is only one example and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources has unashamedly declared that Turkish Government will transfer the control and using of rivers and lakes.
  3. On the other hand, the threats of commercialization of water are not limited with only poors who do not access clean water but whole humanity are at danger due to the big dam constructions which have already been planned. Construction of big dams threaten cultural heritage as well as river basins, water reservoirs, lakes and destroy eco system as a whole.
  4. It is known very well from examples around the world that commercialization of water also threatens employment of workers, engineers and technicians who have been working in water services in municipalities
  5. Moreover, in Turkey there are millions of small farmers who deal with very small lands only to survive. These people who are not able to pay even for oil today due to rapidly liberalized agricultural production will have to break off their ties with the land.
  6. Natural consequences of compulsory migration from rural areas to cities as an expected result of commercialization of irrigation water can be seen even from today: increase in mass unemployment and irregular urbanization at the outskirts of cities which mean both more poverty and more violation of basic rights. Because the right to access clean water for those who live in squatter’s house (gecekondu) will be violated more and more at the outskirts of cities.
  7. World Water Forum claims that it will develop responsibilities for water resources management, promote sustainable practices in water distribution and encourages governments to make more political commitments on commercialization of water. It is also known very well that WWF-5 will function as a tool to bring the issue of water commercialization to the top of political agenda. Peoples of our world have been face to face with wars due to covetous attacks of capitalists for more energy and oil today. These vigorous attacks will turn to water soon. We will not let them to plunder water and water resources which are the common wealth of humanity and eco-system.
  8. Water resources belong only to people that these resources can not be bought, sold or commercialized.
  9. Multinational corporations in collaboration with Governments, municipalities and World Water Council which was founded in 1996 aim to open water resources to the pillage. We, as the signatories of this declaration commit to follow closely the steps aimed by WWFs and to fight against its plans to commercialize our water. We are all very committed to stop these assaults and to display the real face of WWF-5 which will be held in March, 2009 in Istanbul.

As it is clear from above mentioned reasons, privatization, commercialization and commodification of water is one of the most prominent target of social struggles. To give proper answer to WWF-5 in 2009 in Istanbul is possible only with a country wide together with international organizations, powerful and committed unity. We, therefore, declare that we have come together to struggle against both the meetings which will be organized by WWF-5 and also sweeping plans of Turkish Government to privatize water in our country.