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January 19th,2010


Call from the peoples of Tigris and Euphrates to the peoples of all waters in Europe including Rhine, Elbe, Seine and Danube Rivers

Dear brothers and sisters,

We, as the peoples who live peacefully with water and nature on the lands watered by Tigris and Euphrates rivers for hundred years, strongly oppose the selling of the rivers of our world and propose you to determine the destiny of our waters all together.

As you may also know, Turkish Government has recently declared that EU would be included in the governance of Tigris and Euphrates rivers. However, the same EU is the designer of "Water Framework Directive" which sets up a condition for all member states to privatize waters. Not surprisingly, the Italian Parliament introduced a bill on 19th November 2009 which open the way for privatization of all waters in the country and concerned Minister clearly declared that this bill was an unavoidable condition for harmonizing legislation in Italy with the Water Framework Directive of the EU.

The games of Turkey and EU Governments over all water resources in Europe and Middle East including Tigris and Euphrates rivers will definitely increase the control power over water resources that both states will be able to use this power as a weapon against the peoples of neighbor countries when they need. Imperialist U.S and Israel have also leading roles in this scenario. We totally reject license applications made for more than 1000 hydro energy projects in Turkey. We also challenge the idea of creating job in return for our waters as well as the trickery on clean energy. We, as the peoples claim both our bread and water. It is therefore we oppose using water as weapon against peoples of the world and all commercial dams which are being planned to be constructed both in Turkey and Europe particularly Ilısu and Munzur Dams.

We therefore say that our water can be managed neither Turkey nor EU states, nor briefly "water dealers". Because, the water itself is an indispensable resource not only for survival of humanity but also for entire living and dead organisms. Management of such a resource can be done only by peoples who are able to display willpower to maintain using this resource only for the benefits of entire living and dead organisms. Just like the struggles against prepaid meters which are forcibly being inserted into houses, peoples around the world will continue to fight against commercial dams.


  • DISK / United Metalworkers’ Union
  • DISK / Municipality Workers’ Union
  • DISK / Revolutionary Mining Workers’ Union
  • DISK / Revolutionary Health Workers’ Union
  • KESK / SES-Health Employee’ Union
  • KESK / Teachers’ Union-Branch 2
  • KESK / All Municipality Employee’ Union- Branch 4
  • KESK / Road and Construction Employee’ Union – Istanbul Branch
  • KESK / Forest and Agriculture Employee’ Union – Istanbul Branch
  • Turkish Confederation of Farmers’ Unions
  • TTB- Istanbul Chamber of Medical Doctors
  • TMMOB- Chamber of Environment Engineers
  • TMMOB- Chamber of Agricultural Egineers
  • TMMOB- Istanbul Chamber of Food Engineers
  • TMMOB- Istanbul Branch of Forest Engineers’ Chamber
  • The Maintenance Committee of Munzur
  • Public Opposition Houses (Halkevleri)
  • Water is Life Platform/Edirne
  • EGECEP- Egean Environment Platform
  • MARCEP- Marmara Environment Platform
  • GUMCED- Southern Marmara Nature and Cultural Environment Protection Association-Gulf of Edremit Branch
  • DOGADER-Nature and Environment Protection Association
  • Waterpolitics- Network
  • Streams Brotherhood Platform
  • Ecology Collective
  • HOMUR- Humour and Comics Group
  • NO to GMOs Platform
  • Uzunköprü Environment Volunteers
  • Socialist Feminist Collective
  • Consumer Rights Association
  • Academic and Cultural Boycott Against Israel Organization Group